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        Films and actors change faster than seasons. Oscars, BAFTA, and premiers are annually anticipated upon by movie buffs from all over the globe. The glitz and glamour of the film industry has always been the enigmatic underbelly of the business for those of us who are not directly involved, which got me into thinking that most of us tend to focus only on fascinating side, but how about the other one? Which coincides with the question, how do movies REALLY get made? We judge a movie based on how it stirs our emotions, how it is seamlessly similar to the situation we’re experiencing now, how it tells OUR story, but behind all that, do we even bother to know what goes on behind the curtain? Who are those telling the tales off-screen?
        Personally, the heart and soul of the movie does not lie on the shoulders of the Director, but it is a team effort of the production crew. While the director is in charge of the creative handle of a film, the person who really puts that plan in motion (on set) is the ASSISTANT DIRECTOR. As “first mate” to the “captain”, the AD is in charge of making things run smoothly and is involved in everything from scheduling the shots, making sure the production stays within budget, and helps the Director in making his vision a reality, while troubleshooting at the same time. The spotlight may always shine upon the Director, but the one whom you should befriend during production is the AD, simply because, he/she runs the set. Being an AD is not as simple as it seems, which makes it a double-edged sword for those who have experienced it.
        This made me wonder if I actually know someone who calls this his field of expertise, while browsing (stalking) my favorite social networking site, I came across Satti’s page. I met her through a common friend the last time she was home from New York (she spent the last two years studying/working at the big apple). What stayed with me was her answer of “compassion” in our debate about the most important trait an assistant director should posses. She explained that not only should the AD be a fast and critical thinker and doer (because as Murphy’s law states, “Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong”) but must also show compassion not only for the big picture, but also to each and every member of the “fleet” as there is no such thing as smooth sailing in the vast seas of Film/TV production. She certainly fits the image of someone knowledgable about the industry, having juggled numerous productions since graduating from New York Film Academy. She’s seemingly branching out to every aspect of the production having worked in different departments during each filming. She is currently working on a project with her fellow Filipina and is embarking on a new but related industry of publishing.
    Here are the photos of my friend Satti at work…



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    I’m back with a picture of my cat, Ash, getting cozy with a book about… errr… cats. 

    I’m back with a picture of my cat, Ash, getting cozy with a book about… errr… cats. 

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    A Letter to the Birthday Boy


    I am writing you this letter to greet you a happy birthday and to make a confession.

    You are not my type.

    You are not the tall, fair, chinito, corporate guy with the model features that I always wanted to end up with. You are not the guy who would always bring me to the movies twice or thrice a week, drive me out of town every weekend, and bring me to fine dining during special occasions. You are not the guy who would always have a book tucked under his arms, ready to read with me anytime. You are not the macho guy who would convince me to go to the gym with him, or intimidate other guys around him. You are not the guy who would bring to life the love life I’ve always imagined.

    Because I imagined a love life that would require a lot of effort. I imagined waking up everyday and being reminded that I have a boyfriend and so I would need to put on make up and spray on a new scent because mine is so… not sexy. I imagined having to shop for a new set of clothes because I would want to look great every time you introduced me to your friends. I imagined having to learn to cook, to eat at fancy restaurants, to learn to be sporty, to learn to be EXTRA-caring, to learn to be THE ideal girlfriend. I imagined a two-sided love life - all happy and sunshine on one side, difficult on the other.

    In the nine months that we’ve been together, I became certain that really, you are not my type, and most certainly, my relationship with you is not the one I always imagined.

    You and my relationship with you, is way better.

    You are not the chinito and model-looking guy I wanted to end up with, because you are the moreno, short guy who makes me feel secure not with his built and looks, but with his kind words and loving gestures. You won’t bring me to the movies or bring me out of town, or treat me to fine dining because you always asked me what I want, and I realized I rarely want any of those. We both wanted movies at home and we both love the food you lovingly cooked for me. You remember the things I like and buy them as gifts for special occasions. You are not the bookish guy I wanted, because you are the artist who makes me see the beauty of SEEING things and appreciating the details. I can’t talk to you about books but I can always talk to you about life, about real stories, about real places and real people. You are definitely macho, not in the way macho guys are “macho,” but in the way you pray before meals, the way you let yourself be amazed by small things, the way you can talk your way to things, and the way men are intimidated by your wit and charm.

    Being with you wasn’t how I imagined my love life would be because I didn’t have to put on more make up or change my scent because you never failed to make me feel beautiful, especially when you tell me I’m pretty, which is mostly during the times when I forgot to put on my make up. I didn’t have to learn to be the ideally “caring” girlfriend because as you’ve said, you have always been looking for someone as lazy and selfish as me, whom you can take care of. :)

    You are better than I imagined because I never imagined love to be this easy and effortless. I never imagined caring for someone can be so natural. I never imagined that anyone who loves like you can be so selfless.

    Thank you, thank you for showing me how it is to love and be loved beyond how I thought I deserve.

    Happy birthday, mahal! :)


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    You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with - Jim Rohn
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  6. The boyfriend’s (with the help of friends) birthday gift. :)

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    The boyfriend’s (with the help of friends) birthday gift. 

    They staged a photoshoot a month ago, made me believe that it was just “for fun”, that our photographer friend’s just bored so he wanted a random photoshoot and that my boyfriend knew nothing about it. I was so gullible! No wonder I saw nothing of the photos until the big reveal.

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    Just Watched “Like Crazy”

    Just Watched “Like Crazy”

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